Silk Fabrics & Scarves

Jeongwoo International Co., Ltd. is specialized in all kinds of silk fabrics for dyeing, screen printing & digital printing for women's apparel and accessories such as fine silk scarves with many kinds of silk fabrics.

Our running silk items are as follows.

    Silk Satin Charmeuse
    Silk Hammered Satin
    Silk Stretch Satin
    Silk Heavy Back Crepe Satin
    Silk Heavy Double Face Satin
    Silk Jacquard Satin
    Silk Double Jacquard
    Silk Fukuro Jacquard
    Silk Dope Dyed Jacquard Satin
    Silk Crepe De Chine
    Silk Stretch Crepe De Chine
    Silk Heavy Crepe De Chine
    Silk Chiffon
    Silk Yarn Dyed Chiffon
    Silk Satin Chiffon
    Silk Yarn Dyed Satin Chiffon
    Silk Jacquard Chiffon
    Silk Crinkle Chiffon
    Silk Georgette
    Silk Stretch Georgette
    Silk Twill
    Silk Habotai
    Silk plain Organza
    Silk Satin Organza
    Silk Mesh Organza
    Silk Yarn Dyed Satin Taffeta
    Silk Yarn Dyed Jacquard Taffeta
    Silk Brocade
    Silk Shantung
    Silk Metallic Jacquard Satin
    Silk Metallic Jacquard Chiffon
    Silk Nylon Film Metallic Jacquard Satin
    Silk Nylon Film Metallic Jacquard Chiffon
    Silk Rayon Jacquard Velvet Chiffon
    Silk Metallic Rayon Jacquard Velvet Chiffon
    Silk Rayon Velvet Chiffon
    Silk Rayon Stretch Velvet Chiffon
    Silk Rayon Velvet Burn Out
    Silk Rayon Opal Chiffon Burn Out
    Silk Wool Mixed Fabrics
    Silk Rayon Mixed Fabrics
    Silk Cotton Mixed Fabrics
    Silk Nylon Mixed Fabrics etc…

Also we are very famous for silk fabrics with luxurious printing and Silver Nano finish for easy-care & well-being (self-cleaning, deodorization and anti-bacterial treatment) for different qualities.